Prints and Products

2x3 (Keychain)- $12

2.4x3.4 (Magnet)- $12

2.5x3.5 (8 wallets)- $12

4x6- $7

5x7- $10

8x10- $25

8x12- $25

11x14- $35

16x20- $60

16x24- $75

20x30- $80

10x10- $70

12x12- $80

11x14- $80

12x18- $80

16x16- $85

16x20- $95

16x24- $110

20x20- $120

20x30- $180

24X30- $205


30x30- $245

*Larger sizes are available

5x7 (Print only)- $45

8x12 (Print only)- $65

8x12 (Print w/ Foam Float)- $70

8x12 (Print w/ Metal Posts)- $110

11x14 (Print only)- $85

11x14 (Print w/ Foam Float)- $90

11x14 (Print w/ Metal Posts)- $130

16x24 (Print only)- $215

16x24 (Print w/ Foam Float)- $220

16x24 (Print w/ Metal Posts)- $280

*Larger sizes are available


Extra Digital Images

Extra Digital Images added to your package are $20 each

To purchase the entire gallery of images- $150

Editing Requests

Extensive editing requests will have additional charges

Head swaps are $10 per image.


USB Flash Drives

Images on a RGP USB Flash Drive- $35


Photo Books

Hard  Photo Cover (Front and Back)

Seamless Bind/Lay Flat/Heavy Photographic Paper

10 Spreads (20 pages total)

$17.95  shipping fee


8x8 Photo Book- $150 (Additional Spreads- $10 each)


10x10 Photo Book- $195 (Additional Spreads- $15 each)


12x12 Photo Book- $225 (Additional Spreads- $15 each)


Free Shipping on orders over $500

15% off of purchases over $350


Gift Certificates (Digital or Paper) are available in any denomination or session specific.

All major credit cards are accepted.   

6% sales tax will be added to all print and product orders.

Shipping fees may be added. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

1822 6th Street, Suite 200

Bethlehem, PA


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